Fr. Stephen Returning to Missouri

Dear Parish Members of Our Lady of Sorrows Church and Holy Name of Jesus,   

Over the past few months we have experienced many changes. We have journeyed through the season of Lent, seeking to find God through the works of fasting, almsgiving and penance. 

We are now experiencing the joy and peace of the Risen Jesus, who brings light into our world and our lives. 

We have and are experiencing a new way of living brought about by the Covid-19 virus, which has changed our lifestyle. The separation of people from each other, the precautions we take to make sure we don’t spread the virus to others and the fear that we may catch this virus have brought such separation from each other that it is hard to imagine how or if things will ever return to our “old” normal. 

The separation from Mass and the Eucharist have also changed our lives. No longer are we able to join together to experience the community of God’s people worshipping together as one. We are unable to share in the Eucharist, the food that feeds our soul and our body, the food that makes us Jesus to one another and calls us to spread the Good News of God’s love to others. 

We see the change in seasons from Winter to Spring. The grass beginning to grow and turn green, flowers blooming and trees budding tell us that summer is coming and the earth once again shows its life.  

With these changes comes a change in our parish life. Beginning in July, I will be leaving Our Lady of Sorrows and Holy Name of Jesus. My Abbot has decided that it is time for me to return to community life as a monk. I have been assigned to a parish in Maryville, Missouri, St. Gregory Barbarigo, where I spent four months as a Deacon in 2007, so it will be a bit of a homecoming.   

I have enjoyed ministering to and being among our two parish communities. Experiencing the joy of Baptizing a baby; celebrating the Mass and bringing Jesus in the Eucharist to you have been my privilege. There are also the times of sorrow and sadness as we return to God a family member or friend who has died. Yet, there is the privilege of being with and supporting the family and friends as they walked the journey with their loved one and being allowed to participate in that journey. 

Thank you for your kindness, support, and friendship over these eight years. 

I will keep you in my prayers and I ask you to pray for me.


- Fr. Stephen Lattner, O.S.B.  



In lieu of gifts for Father Stephen he has asked that donations be made in his parents’ name to the following organizations:

For Dad: Edward R. Lattner
American Heart Association
5211 Madison Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45227

(513) 281-4048

The Christ Hospital Foundation
2139 Auburn Avenue
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

(513) 585-2904

For Mom: Leah J. Lattner
American Cancer Society
4540 Cooper Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: (513) 618-5585